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Rhythms of Life
Discover the Divine source of physical experience through this exploration of natural spiritual practices.

Rhythms of Life

Program 1
Follow Your Inner Wisdom
In this program, Yogi Sean reveals that your inner wisdom is a direct line of Divine Vibration pouring forth into your field of perception from the Creator Spirit. Drawing from the legends of the Hopi, Yogi Sean will show you how to awaken your perception of your inner wisdom.

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Program 2
Traditions of Deity Yoga Practice
In this program, Yogi Sean reveals that the practice of manifesting divine qualities can be traced to the Vedic and Buddhist spiritual traditions as well as the Native American.

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Program 3
Ancient Meetings of East and West
In this program, Yogi Sean reveals that the early Buddhists and Native Americans had far more interaction than is commonly believed. Learn about their early meetings in the desert southwest.

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Way of Sadhana: Teachings of the Sadhana Society.

This course is a journey that can lead you to the Highest Achievement of Human Awareness -- which is Unlimited Consciousness of Self and Oneness with the Infinite. You will be guided on your journey by the Teachings of The Sadhana Society, and by the use of the oldest Methods and Practices known to Man. These will include the Teachings of the Enlightened Sages of the East, and the Long ignored Methods and Practices of the Ancient People of the North American Continent.

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August is Yogi Sean's Birthday Month. This year Yogi Sean is celebrating his birthday by offering spiritual classes in Prescott, AZ. To learn more, call 505-463-8360 and to learn more about Yogi Sean, click here.

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