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The Everyday Sanyasin
Everyone can be a sanyasin! Experience for yourself Yogi Sean's simple, direct and powerful teachings in this brand new radio program from Personal Transformation Radio.

The Everyday Sanyasin

Program 13
Resonance & Co-Creativity - Part III

        A Place to Grow [listen / download mp3]

        Shared Resonation [listen / download mp3]

Program 12
Resonance & Co-Creativity - Part II

        Contrasting Spiritual Communities [listen / download mp3]

        Spiritual Practice [listen / download mp3]

Program 11
Resonance & Co-Creativity - Part I

        Finding Home [listen / download mp3]

        Meditating Where the Oceans Meet [listen / download mp3]

Program 10
Initiation & Vision - Part II

        Living the Teachings [listen / download mp3]

        Experience Directly [listen / download mp3]

        How Am I Living? [listen / download mp3]

Program 9
Initiation & Vision - Part I

        The Singing Stone [listen / download mp3]

        Following the Vision [listen / download mp3]

Program 8
Sanyasin Without a Robe - Part II

        Awakening the Spirit of Discovery [listen / download mp3]

        Vehicle of Dedication [listen / download mp3]

        Kerani Has a Dream [listen / download mp3]

Program 7
Sanyasin Without a Robe - Part I

        This and This and This and This [listen / download mp3]

        Give Up Trying to Understand [listen / download mp3]

Program 6
Co-Creating with God - Part III

        The Clear Light [listen / download mp3]

        Manifesting Dedication [listen / download mp3]

Program 5
Co-Creating with God - Part II

        Touching the Mystery [listen / download mp3]

        Creation Creating [listen / download mp3]

Program 4
Co-Creating with God - Part I

        This is Your Divine Heritage [listen / download mp3]

        Fearlessness of the Rattlesnake [listen / download mp3]

Program 3
The Bliss of Physical Form - Part III

        Touching the Moment [listen / download mp3]

        Ashram Life and The Freedom to Discover [listen / download mp3]

Program 2
The Bliss of Physical Form - Part II

        "Follow Me" [listen / download mp3]

        Strength Manifest [listen / download mp3]

Program 1
The Bliss of Physical Form - Part I

        Mystery Incarnate [listen / download mp3]

        Meeting the Mystery [listen / download mp3]

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