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Everyday Life As Spiritual Practice
Experience for yourself Yogi Sean's simple, direct and powerful teachings. These 4 sneak previews are derived directly from his audio CD course Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice.
An Introduction to Yogi Sean's Teachings

Anybody Born Human Can Be Enlightened
A current student describes what it is to be a student of Yogi Sean, to receive his profound transmissions of the highest spiritual principles and most practical life teachings, and to begin to live as an Everyday Sanyasin.

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Conversations with Yogi Sean

The Dance of Infinite Possibility

From Conversation 3: Sanyasin Without a Robe
Yogi Sean describes the marvelous beauty and enthusiasm that arises when we open up our perception and begin to see the dance of the divine all around us. As we open up our perception, we also open up to the magnificent infinity of possibility for ourselves and our lives.

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Awakening to Direct Experience of God

From Conversation 4: Initiation & Vision
Yogi Sean explores the question, 'How am I living?' This question, says Yogi Sean, is more than a mere focus of contemplation, it is a beginning point for orienting oneself toward living a life of communion with God.

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Ease of Being, Creative Flow, and Living Harmony

From Conversation 6: The Strength of Gentleness
In this excerpt, you will gain a glimpse of the gentle yet powerful life of Mahatma Gandhi, as Yogi Sean speaks of Gandhi’s Great Salt Walk, peacefully protesting the British tax on salt. In this segment, Yogi Sean illuminates the idea of right action, which is the Divine Heritage within each of us.

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Everyday Life as Spiritual Practice
The Everyday Sanyasin personal course

A 3-semester course including one-on-one private sessions with Yogi Sean, audio instruction, experiential practices, and an online resource library.

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